Radiology-on-Demand® infrastructure is synonymous with cloud-based radiology.

What is Radiology-On-Demand® Infrastructure?
Cloud based radiology is based on cloud computing concepts. Cloud computing provides hardware, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and enable one to sync PCs and all mobile devices all the time. Such technology allows anyone to access data at any given moment and makes it possible to organize and mine data from any online source as well as share that data—images, video files, contacts, e-mail, documents, etc.—with others in an instant. Data must be mobile, transferable, and instantly accessible. The key to enabling the portable and interactive you is the ability to synch up your data among your devices, as well as access to shared data.

Radiology-On-Demand® Benefits 
Via Radiology-On-Demand® infrastructure, is committed to providing timely and responsive image review using highly qualified specialists. All subspecialty interpretations are performed by board certified fellowship-trained radiologists and cardiologists. offers state-of-the-art proprietary RIS and PACS technology for advanced report communications with client sites via web-based interface and fax.

Radiology-On-Demand® RIS
100% truly Web-Based (clients have full and immediate access to reports from anywhere) system. Features include precise routing of cases (auto and manual routing available), customizable headers/reports (we will customize reports just for your facility), automatic generation of invoices (no more confusion with manually generated invoices), full ability to audit reports and processes with our RIS AUDIT function. We utilize integrated digital dictation, web-based transcription, voice recognition and a variety of report distribution options. Dictated reports are made available instantly to referring doctors. Reports can be sent to multiple locations, including any number of attending physicians and imaging facilities. We offer several report distribution options including secure web-based report access.

Radiology-On-Demand® PACS
100% truly Web-Based (unlike with many other PACS systems, our clients and radiologists are able to start viewing images after a simple 2 minute plug-in download). Patented technology allows for incredible transmission speeds (for example transmission of a typical CT with 200 images takes only 2-3 minutes as opposed to 20+ minutes with many other systems). Other features include customizable mouse-click behavior, real-time 3D rendering on-demand, automated vessel analysis & vessel flythrough on-demand.

Radiology-On-Demand® RadStore
A long-term image storage solution is now available.’s cloud archiving allows exams to be accessed at any time from any location with Internet connectivity. The system provides ultra-fast image access and the highest level of HIPAA-compliant security.