• 100% truly Web-Based (clients have full and immediate access to reports from anywhere)
  • Precise routing of cases (auto and manual routing available)
  • Customizable headers/reports (we will customize reports just for your facility)
  • Automatic generation of invoices (no more confusion with manually generated invoices)
  • Full ability to audit reports and processes with our RIS AUDIT function. See who is involved in report generation and who accessed reports with date/time stamps available.
  • Automatic TAT calculation

We utilize integrated digital dictation, web-based transcription, voice recognition and a variety of report distribution options. Dictated reports are made available instantly to referring doctors. reports can be sent to multiple locations, including any number of attending physicians and imaging facilities

Reporting options

We provide several reporting options to meet your coverage requirements:

  • Emergent Interpretations — We provide emergent interpretations on a preliminary and final interpretation basis, within an estimated 15 minutes after receipt of images and order.
  • Non-Emergent Interpretations — We provide non-emergent final interpretations within 1-8 hours after receipt of images and order.

Report distribution

We offer several options including:
1. Secure web-based report access
2. Facsimile transmission